Reading Comprehension Questions Year 5

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Before you start - let children flick back through the book if they can’t remember.

Is this fiction (a made up story) or non-fiction (factual)? How can you tell?

What is the main character like?

Retell the key events in the story so far. Retell the story in order.

Summarising the text (describing key events)

What does ____(choose a word from the text)____ mean?

Can you find any new words you don’t know on this page? (read on to see if you can work out what it means, or use an online dictionary).

Explain what just happened (after reading a page or paragraph)

What were the three main things that happened on that page?



Asking questions

What questions do you have about what we just read?

What are you still wondering after reading that page?                                                                                  

If you could ask the author or character a question what would you ask?

Characters / Settings

How does the character feel? How do you know? What words shows how the character is feeling? Why do you think the character did that?

Describe the main character – use

Describe the setting of the book.


Predicting what will happen next

What do you think is going to happen next? How do you know?

What would you do next? What makes you think that? What is the character going to do now? Why will they decide to do that?

After you’ve finished

Tell me what happened in this book using only 20 words!

Did you enjoy this book? Why or why not? What was your favourite part?

Would you recommend this book to someone else? Who? What would you tell them about it? Do you have any questions about the book?