At Fair Furlong Primary School we ensure every child thrives, that they reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their school lives.  This will mean that by the time children leave us they have a love of lifelong learning and have achieved our school motto of being “the best I can be”.  We embrace community where everyone is valued and has a voice including children, parents, school adults, governors, outside agencies and neighbours.  

In partnership we:

  • Welcome the opportunity to work together, in unity, including all learners and celebrating diversity
  • Nurture our children’s self esteem, instilling confidence and independence in a caring and secure environment where every individual counts
  • Ensure a rich, relevant and engaging curriculum which is supported by practical experience and celebrates creativity
  • Challenge and support every single member of our community to ensure excellence in their learning and performance, therefore, achieving their full potential and beyond
  • Support our learners to flourish as good citizens who show care and respect towards themselves and the wider community and are well prepared to embrace their futures
  • All take responsibility for our behaviour and make sure that we are positive role models for others
  • Respond swiftly to the changing needs of our children, their community and the curriculum to ensure our school is a rich, relevant and vital learning environment


Fair Furlong Primary School is a values driven school.  We have 5 values that underpin our vision and ethos and children have a very good understanding of these.   The values permeate every aspect of school life for all members of our school community.  They are consistently reinforced and modelled by everyone and are the guide to everything we say and do each day in our school.  Our five values are Challenge; Enthusiasm; Learning Together; Respect and Trust.  Below is our agreed definition of each.

Trust - Together we build a comfortable and supportive environment in which we feel safe and secure.  We need each other to be honest and fair in everything we do.
- We are brave and aim high.  Making mistakes is when learning starts.  We have a go and are not afraid to ask for help.  We persevere even when we find it really difficult.  We often surprise others and even ourselves!


Enthusiasm - We are always ready to take part, try hard and do our best.  We are proud of what we achieve and enjoy celebrating our own and other's success.  We share smiles and laughter.  We make the most of each day and look forward to tomorrow.



Learning Together - We work and learn as a team, sharing our skills.  We encourage everyone 'to have a go' by valuing and supporting each other's ideas

Respect - Everyone is different, special and important.  We say the right things the right way.  We look after ourselves



One of the rewards that children can earn at our school is a Values Badge. There is one for each value so five in total and each is a different colour. Children are rewarded badges for special or exceptional achievement against a particular value. This is a prestigious reward to receive and children like to try and collect all five.