Safe and Active Travel

Here at Fair Furlong we highly value the importance of living an active life. This is supported in addition to physical education, school sports and physical activity by the promotion of travelling to our school in an active way.

The safety of your children is also paramount to us. The road connected to our school site can become very busy in peak times. To ensure the children at Fair Furlong can move safely off site we also strive to ensure our facilities and the road adjacent to our site provide the appropriate resources to create a safe environment for the whole school community.

We actively work with Modeshift Stars and Bristol City Council and our community to ensure all provision is kept up to date. Including opportunities to have an active journey, educate on road safety and provide traffic calming measures for our families and local residents.

As a result of the work put in to ensuring our school community are provided with a safe and active journey to school we have been awarded with the Bronze Modeshift Stars Award. In order to continue to improve our approach we will be striving to achieve Silver in the next academic year.


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