SCHOOL FOOD PLAN 2017/2018 - At Fair Furlong the Staff and Governors are continually working on promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.    Governors have recently met to review the School Food Plan and to identify targets for the coming year.  

Some of their targets for the coming year include -

  • Introduction of the Golden Ticket for good manners and behaviour in the dining hall;
  • Introduction of Golden Manner Table
  • School Nutrition Group to promote healthy lunches;
  • Food Sampling for parents/carers;
  • Continue to work with outside agencies who offer initiatives to support healthy eating i.e. Tesco; Farmlink
  • Introduction of class cooking with themed weeks i.e. Christmas - gingerbread, Easter - hot cross buns
  • Develop a link with HEAGG to view the growing cycle in nearby allotments

If your child does bring in a school packed lunch the links below have lots of information and facts about healthy eating which parents/carers may find interesting.  If you are concerned with regard to any aspects of healthy eating and lifestyles please click here to view the information from 'Alive and Kicking' about an exciting new project available to children and parents from Term 3.  Please see Mrs. Charlton for more information.

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