We had a visit from Matti Hemmings, who is the UK BMX Flatland Champion. Matti holds several Guinness World Records for the sport. He started the day with a whole school assembly which the children absolutely loved! It most certainly set the tone for the day. Throughout the day Matti then worked with children to introduce them to the sport. He also spent some time building the confidence of our children who are not yet able to ride a bike.

This year some of our year 5 pupils worked with Hannah Moore Primary in our Bristol Together Championship initiative. This is a programme which is delivered through the sport of football. The children work together in supporting each other with communication skills and building confidence. Additionally the children come together to promote equality between different communities. In this particular session they had a big discussion about the importance of learning about different communities and shared some incredible, articulate knowledge which really blew the coaches away. It was fantastic to see these children instantly get on and create an amazing, positive session bond.