Playtimes and lunchtimes
at Fair Furlong

At Fair Furlong School we want everyone to enjoy their playtimes and lunchtimes. The children have the opportunity to use extensive outdoor facilities, including: a climbing area; a creative area; a quiet area; a court with organised activities, such as basketball/tennis/tag rugby; a cage for football and a forest area.

The younger children are able to use bikes and scooters and there is a fantastic path which allows them to travel around the whole of our outside area.

We realise that not all children enjoy the excitement of a busy playground, therefore we do also offer lunchtime clubs for those who wish to spend some time indoors – library, art and computer club.

We also run two lunchtime reward schemes at Fair Furlong.

Lunchtime Legends – the children earn golden tickets for good behaviour/manners on the playground – at the end of the week the class who collected the most golden tickets receive the Lunchtime Legends trophy and get 10 minutes extra playtime with a special lunchtime assistant activity.

Golden Good Manners Table – in the hall children earn golden raffle tickets for good manners at lunchtime – at the end of the week 5 names are drawn out of the Golden box – these 5 children get to invite 5 adults to sit and eat at the Golden Table.