Tournaments / Competitions : 2015/16

Inter-school tournaments and events

At Fair Furlong, children are given plenty of opportunities to practise their skills and favourite sports competitively.

Over the 2015/16 academic year, we will be participating in the following events and tournaments:

Year 5/6 Basketball: Across Term 2

KS1 Dance Festival: Terms 3 and 4

Year 5/6 Hockey Festival:Term 4 (March 22nd)

KS1 Gymnastics Competition: Term 4 (March 9th)


Terms 5 and 6 TBC.


Key Stage 1 Dance Festival


On February 4th, Wiggins Class were visited by Debbie, who helped them learn a dance for their Dance Festival, being held at Merchant's Academy on March 5th. The children were incredibly excited to participate and will be rehearsing their Martial Arts dance over the next few weeks.




Fair Furlong's Year 5 and 6 Basketball team performed brilliantly in their first taster session before their tournament begins on the 25th November. 

The team played 5 short games in order to practise their skills in passing, dribbling and shooting, and also to learn the rules of the game.


All of the games were fast-paced and competitive but our team did a fantastic job of showing great teamwork, positive spirit and sportsmanship. 


The referees were not scoring these games but the team certainly were! We won 2 games, drew 1 and lost 2.


A huge well done to Cherise, Harry, Kacey, Riley, Hollie, Jay, Harrison, Anna and Daley - our Year 5 and 6 team - who not only performed extraordinarily well but are also showing their commitment to the tournament by attending training twice a week at lunch time!