PE in school

Our curriculum is based around the fundamental movements required by children to allow them to access any sport.  We also look to provide the children with experiences to apply these skills by teaching them sports and games, providing enrichment opportunities and entering in competitions.

In our new PE curriculum warmup every class performs the athletic ready stance when the teacher does.  Don't our Year 2's look athletic?...

Skipping - the children all look very enthusiastic! Our new curriculum focuses on fundamental movements which are needed for all sports. Skipping uses high knees, powerful arms and bouncy feet.

Another fundamental movement is side stepping which is being performed very carefully here by Brooke.

Sports Days in June

Our Sports Day held in June were a great success with everyone taking part and having great fun! 


The results were as follows:

1st Yellow Team with 925 points

2nd Red Team with 829 points

3rd Purple Team with 825 points

4th Green Team with 840 points

5th Blue Team with 784 points

Well done Everyone!


This term's FUNS (Fundamental movements) are Static Balance.  Try the yellow FUNS first and if you can do them move onto the next one.  Use the video to show each movement are completed.  What do they do to make it successful? Remember it must be a high quality movement to move onto the next colour!  If you need a partner or equipment then you can practice at school!