At our great new leisure complex in Hengrove children are able to go climbing each week at the fantastic climbing wall.  Like our sailing experiences this is a great but nerve-wracking opportunity which the children really enjoy.

Report from Paige and Liam re our new Climbing Club which takes place every Monday at Hengrove Leisure Centre.

"For this club children go every Monday at 2:45pm and come back at 4:00pm, it is long but worth it! Anybody can go there any time of the year. This is a very good family activity that is not too hard or too easy.

There are different tactics you can learn however good you are, you can make new challenges; and new friends. You can conquer your fears and there are different walls you can climb for each level; for example, the starting wall is the same height as half the room! There is the higher wall if you’re not scared of heights and there are fewer rocks for you to cling on to. The next wall is very high and the wall isn’t straight, it’s jagged and hard to climb. Next is the highest wall of all -  it’s the KING KONG! There are hardly any rocks and the wall bends; very few people have completed this wall because of its stature and the amount of rocks.

In addition Hengrove Leisure Centre offers many more activities that are equally enjoyable. For instance you can explore the other sports or activities including football, gym, tennis, and swimming. Even though these activities sound like a lot they are actually not expensive.

These are some of the people who went and enjoyed it Liam, Georgia, Isaiah, Bethany, Karl, Jonah, Chloe, Brandon, Sean and Jasper, here is one quote from Isaiah,  “I like swinging off the wall when coming down and I learned to use my feet more than hands” here is another from Bethany, “This was the best thing I have ever done - BEST CLUB EVER ! I also liked playing twister on the wall and swinging off” and the last one from Karl, “I really liked bunny hopping down the wall and falling on my back”.

Although it appears dangerous it is safe, very fun and scary so we think you and your friends should go and try it."


Every week a group of children visit the docks to have sailing lessons. A great experience that the children love regardless of the time of the year!  

Jack and Megan have written a report on what it was like to take part - 

"First of all we left at 1.30pm to get on the minibus - it was a long drive.  When we got to the Bristol Docks we were told to put on wet suits, and put some shoes on.  We were told about the boats then we got on the boats to sail off!

We sailed to the steps.  We went from the steps and had a race then sat down and had a drink.  Eventually we learnt a skill for when the boat tips over.  FACT - when the boat tips over it does not sink and we do not get under the water!

In two groups we tipped the boats over by ourselves and we went splash in the water!  We went a little under the water, however, we were still safe.  We floated because we had a life jacket on.  Jack said "This is really fun"  Megan said "It was a little bit of fun"!