Reading is an essential life skill that underpins a well-developed and enriched learning experience. Therefore, at Fair Furlong, we place great importance on reading and have high expectations of our children.


Across the school, it is expected that each child will be heard reading at home at least four times a week. This practise at home helps children to cement reading skills that the children are learning in school and provide a great opportunity for parents and carers to share in their child’s learning.


The reading records that all of our children are provided with have a list of questions and ideas of activities to use when reading inside the front cover. By using these questions, you will be able to help to develop your child’s level of understanding and comprehension; skill that they will come to rely on as they progress with reading.


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Reading in school - In order to ensure that our children make outstanding progress in reading, we use a range of strategies with all children.  At least once a fortnight, your child will read on a one to one basis with the class teacher. This will also be supplemented by one to one reading with other school adults and weekly, small group guided reading sessions.