Nursery -  We have a busy first term in nursery, we have settled in to nursery really well and have got used to routines and learning through play.  We have been learning about lots of different nursery rhymes. We have learnt about Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. We have enjoyed learning lots of songs about autumn, harvest and even made our own bread hedgehogs!

Reception - 

During our first term we have settled in really quickly and been busy settling into life in reception. We became woodland detectives exploring our school forest and learnt lots of interesting facts about woodland animals and their habitats.  We went on a trip to Chew Valley Lake where we learned about woodland animal homes and had fun collecting autumn leaves and sticks in the woods and grassy areas. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and saw the ducks too.   We are learning our sounds and are beginning to read words now! We have also been practising our counting and number recognition.


Nursery - What a busy term in Nursery! Term 2 has been full of learning and lots of fun. We learnt about fire safety, made bonfire art work and role played as firefighters! We enjoyed exploring colours, making different tones and mixing new colours. We even got to paint our own rainbow bread and eat it!  We have learnt the story of Winnie the Witch and made our very own spells. During friendship week we learnt how to be kind to each other and made friendship bracelets. At Christmas time we have enjoyed singing and decorating our tree together!


Reception - 

In Reception this term we have been exploring colour and light and learning about different sources of light. The children loved using torches to explore light and colour. We also enjoyed a fantastic light show with Explorerdome!  The children worked really hard rehearsing and learning the songs for our production of The Bossy King.  Their performances have been amazing!  We have continued our phonics sessions and have begun to learn cursive handwriting. We also learned about instructions and made cheese sandwiches following our own instructions using ‘bossy’ words.  We have also been working hard and becoming super maths wizards! We have been learning to add and subtract, count reliably, recognise numbers and find one more or less than a number up to 20. We have been exploring number lots in our play and particularly enjoyed counting baubles onto the Christmas trees!


Nursery -  What a busy term we have had in Nursery! We were very excited when a T-Rex visited our classroom and left a nest of frozen eggs! We have worked hard learning new words like ‘herbivore’ and ‘carnivore’ and investigated the different features of dinosaurs that lived on the ground, in the sky and in water. We have played with fossils, fizzy dinosaur eggs and enjoyed dressed up as dinosaurs to retell our story ‘The Three Triceratops’

In our phonics we have begun learning about rhyming and have enjoyed finding words that rhyme with each other. What a fun and busy term! 

Reception - In Reception this term we have been exploring different homes and buildings. We visited St Mary Redcliffe Church and made our own ‘stained glass windows’! The children have learned to join in and retell the story of ‘The African Squash and the Squeeze’ and we talked about the differences between our homes and those found in Africa.


We have continued our phonics sessions and have begun to learn cursive handwriting. The children enjoy our weekly finger disco sessions where we work the muscles in our hands to help with our writing! 


We have also been working hard and becoming super maths wizards during Harry Potter maths week! We have been learning to add and subtract, count reliably, recognise numbers and find one more or less than a number up to 20. We have been exploring number lots in our play and particularly enjoyed making models of houses and then counting the bricks we used!



Nursery -

Term 4 has been very exciting for Nursery! We started the term with a special delivery from Living Eggs! We loved watching our chicks hatch and begin to grow.  We have enjoyed learning the story of The Three Pigs! We made houses from straw, sticks and bricks, learnt about pigs and even made pig food!  We explored the story ‘Dear Zoo’ and enjoyed unwrapping the animal presents! We also found out how to look after pets and about different animals from around the world.


Reception - 

Our Spring into the Farm topic has been fascinating this term! We have found out what animals produce and how this helps us. We have also been learning about animals and their young and how they are cared for.


We had an amazing time during book week learning the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We found a trail of fruit leading into the garden where we found the story in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. Over the week we learnt to retell the story and then performed it to Year 5!


Nursery - 

We have had lots of fun learning about growing in Term 5! We planted lots of seeds, including pumpkins, peas and tomatoes. We even planted some grass to make our own Grass Heads! We talked about what happens when we plant a seed and what it needs to grow. We learnt that seeds need sunlight, water and soil to grow strong and tall. We have also learn about the ways that we have grown and changed since we were babies and throughout our time in Nursery. We read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and tasted lots of different fruits. We have been lucky to watch real caterpillars change into beautiful butterflies!

Reception -

Our mini-beast and growing topic has been great fun and we’ve enjoyed exploring the outside! We have planted seeds, been on mini-beast hunts and much more!

We had a wonderful time discovering lots of different mini-beasts from around the world and even looking after stick insects!

Over the term, we have been learning to write about different mini-beasts including spiders, caterpillars, butterflies and ladybirds and have enjoyed making mini-beasts in the creative area.





Well what a busy Term 6 we have had in Nursery, we had been getting more independent and we our ready for the new challenges in reception. We were lucky enough to have our own graduation. We made graduation hats, received a certificate and had a tasty cake to eat.  We learnt all about ‘The Three Little Sea Turtles’ and found out about how turtles moved and where they lived. We had a super time joining in with our sports day and took part in lots of different races!  This term was also very exciting as we watched our new playground being built.  We have had so much fun  playing on all the new equipment.


Our under the sea topic has been amazing! We have learnt all sorts of weird and wonderful facts about sea creatures. We’ve enjoyed making mermaid tails and under the sea pictures!

We enjoyed our story about Dougal the diver and learned about diving.  We had an amazing time during health and safety week and learned how to stay safe at the beach and in the sun. We really enjoyed learning about Sweden and Germany on our World day.