Science is a subject that is part of everyday life at Fair Furlong School. Each year group have termly science lessons, either through their topic work or a range of science experiments. Children get an opportunity to practise science through investigations whilst linking their learning to other subjects. We teach science through an investigative approach. Children are provided with the opportunities to plan, investigate and evaluate their learning throughout the school year.

Through our science curriculum, we strive to stimulate and excite pupil’s curiosity about phenomena and events in the world around them as well as giving them the opportunities to develop their understanding and increase their knowledge. Fair Furlong promotes the development of enquiry, exploration and observation with a meaningful context, which encourages their understanding of the world around them. Working independently and in groups the children are encouraged to ask questions and investigate why things happen. Children develop an understanding of the way science contributes to today’s world and how it can impact on their future and of science in practical contexts related future career choices.

We are very lucky to part of the Ogden Trust, who are a charity that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. We also use Developing Experts as a resource to plan and teach our science units. This resource makes links to real life carers, which link to each unit of science learning. The Children have individual logins that allow them to access resources and quizzes to embed their learning from school at home.

We endeavour for our children to have real life experiences, develop aspiration for the future and learn about science in an active and creative way and therefore visitors, trips and cross-curricular links form a fundamental part of our curriculum. Children are also provided with effective teaching and learning outdoors, providing opportunities for children in meaningful, engaging experiences that support their development in all areas of the curriculum.