Science is a subject that is part of everyday life at Fair Furlong School. Each year group have termly science lessons either through their topic work or a range of science experiments. Children get an opportunity to practice science through investigations whilst linking their learning to other subjects. We teach science through an investigative approach. Children are provided with the opportunities to plan, investigate and evaluate their learning throughout the school year.

So far the children of Fair Furlong had the opportunity to engross themselves in their science learning through a visit from Explorer Dome. Explorer Dome allowed children to get a full 360 degree view of the science topic they were covering. Some children were able to travel through space and others were able to learn about light and dark; these were just the beginning of many enquiries.

We are very lucky to part of the Ogden Trust who are a charity that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. We are provided with funding to hold family learning days, where parents get the opportunity to enjoy Science experiences with their own children. The children had the opportunity to enter a physics superhero competition where they had the freedom to create their own super hero with a physics superpower and explain how they would save the world! All entries were judged by members of our Ogden Trust cluster who were very impressed!