Science is a subject that is part of everyday life at Fair Furlong School. Each Year group has two discrete science topics over the school year, with science also being taught alongside other topics across the curriculum. This way, children get an opportunity to practice science through investigations whilst linking their learning to other subjects too. We teach science through an investigative approach. Children are provided with the opportunities to plan, investigate and evaluate their learning throughout the school year.


So far in 2016 and 2017 the children of Fair Furlong have taken part in numerous events and investigations. KS1 had the opportunity to engross themselves in their science learning through a visit from Explorer Dome. Explorer Dome allowed children to get a full 360 degree view of the science topic they were covering. KS1 were able to travel through space and start many enquiries.


KS2 were lucky enough to have a science visitor from Wonderstruck. This started with an hour long assembly where we witnessed a range of exciting and engaging experiments! Some children were able to become science assistants and help out during different parts. Here we are watching some of the action.


Later, Years 3 and 5 had separate workshops that linked to their topics. Year 3 were learning about forces and learnt which forces acted on rockets that they had designed and built themselves. They went outside to test our rockets and see which travelled across our school field the furthest. Year 5 learnt about friction through building cars that were later tested out in our large hall. To finish their day they froze different objects using liquid nitrogen to kick start their freeze it, melt it, mould it topic.