Term 6 

This term we have had Healthy and Safe week. We learnt about headlice, healthy eating, good and bad medicines and had archery lessons. This was great fun! Additionally, Year 3 visited Tesco to learn about the journey of food from farm to fork. Also, we had our superb Phase 2 Sports Day. Despite threatening to be a wash out, we had great time and thank you for all the parents support.

This year our World Day was themed around countries in the World Cup. From Australia to Spain, from Brazil to Portugal, we tasted food from these countries, performed dancing and carried out crafty activities to learn about these countries.

Our science topic has been the Human Body. We focused on teeth and healthy eating. As part of this, we had a visit from local dentists. We learnt how to keep our teeth clean and why we should do this, how long to brush our teeth for and then checked our teeth with disclosing solution to see how clean they were.

As part of our Island theme, we explored and designed our own fruit salads and fruit kebabs for inhabitants of Koh Samui. This made our D.T. very tasty!

A big thank you to parents who sent in recycling for our Art this term. We have produced some fantastic collages of rainforest scenes inspired by Henri Rousseau. 

Term 5

This term we had Maths and Science week where every day we learnt about a different type of transport. This ranged from designing, making and testing paper aeroplanes; to predicting and investigating which shape boat was most stable! As part of this week, we had the amazing Fizz Pop science team come and share their whizzing rockets and they showed us some quick and exciting science experiments in our whole school assembly.

Also this term, we have had the Explorer Dome to help us learn more about our science topic- habitats. We zoomed from Africa to the rainforest in a matter of seconds! We learnt about animal adaptations and predator/prey relationships.

As well as this, we carried out an investigation about our local area habitats. We all walked around our local area and conducted research about litter on our streets! We evaluated our results when we returned and thought of ways to improve the environment in which we live in. 

Term 4

In term 4, Phase 2 have been continuing their work about the Romans.

In science we looked at forces and then used what we found out to design, make, and evaluate some Roman sandals, to stop the Roman emperor from slipping over. We used different materials to make the soles and then tested them with Newton meters.

In ICT we created animations, and in RE we looked at different religious leaders with Y3/4.

Term 3

We began Term 3 with a focus on Native American People, Aboriginal Australia and Greece for our World Day experience. The highlights being music, art and some food tasting.

The phase then moved into Ancient Rome! It started with all the children coming to school dressed as Romans and then taking part in events from the Colosseum, traditional Roman games and a fact finding quiz. We will be doing the Roman topic over the next two terms but so far we have built roads like a Roman, made a mosaic and researched and designed a powerpoint on life in Rome. Luckily, the year 4 were able to visit Slimbridge which helped them invent their own fables!

Term 2

In Term 2, Phase 2 has been continuing their work about the Tudors and Stuarts.  We began the term with two anti-bullying days, and then started learning about the Gunpowder plot and the Great Fire of London.


For Science we looked at materials and how wattle and daub we used to make Tudor houses; and then for DT we designed, made and evaluated Tudor houses. We ended the term with our very own Great Fire of London!!


Term 1 
We kick started the term by looking at our Rights and Responsibilities. From our learning we designed our own class charters to help us learn and get along together.  All of our learning centred around the Tudors. Science involved making a medicine for Tudor Kings PLC by separating materials in a variety of ways, making a tablet and then testing the speed at which it would be swallowed!   Our art was based on portraits. We looked portraits of famous Tudors and then used those to do a self-portrait but in a Tudor style.  Through history we learnt about life for rich and poor Tudors and then focused on the infamous Henry VIII and his unfortunate wives. We then applied the knowledge by creating a presentation in PowerPoint.


During Terms 4, 5 and 6

The children in Phase II studied .....

  • The Body - with visits from the Explorer Dome and Medics
  • The Vikings
  • Visited the 'M'shed whilst studying Bristol
  • Year 3/4 children visited Deanfield Camp

In Term 3 we enjoyed a Bubble Show. We then continued by doing lots of learning about water.  In science we learnt about the 3 states of water and the water cycle. We investigated how fast different liquids are, dissolving in water and how to get clean water.  In Geography we learnt about the weather, different cloud types and how a V shaped valley is formed. Y3/4 also learnt to say the weather in French!!  In Music we made music using bottles and water. Our challenge was to find the first 3 notes of “Three Blind Mice”.  In Art we created watery collages and marble prints, using oil and water.  In literacy we learnt the story of “Lila and the Secret of Rain”, and then learnt to write explanation texts using the water cycle to help us