Outdoor Learning

At Fair Furlong Outdoor Learning helps to foster and develop each child’s love of learning. We believe that all children have the right to experience the unique and special nature of being and learning within the outside environment.  Outdoor Learning begins in the Early Years through outdoor play, then continues throughout the school, whether this be formal outdoor lessons or through outdoor activities. Outdoor Learning provides a beneficial contrast to the indoor classroom. Children are able to take risks and learn about the great outdoors. Outdoor experiences at Fair Furlong provide a stimulating source of fascination, encouraging personal growth and breakthroughs in learning.

The Forest Area
Within the adult supported safe environment of the forest, children throughout the school are able to engage in activities that encourage and foster risk taking, free play, collaboration and personal learning whilst also developing an understanding and respect for the outdoor area. By the end of each child’s journey through Fair Furlong we aim for each and every one to have successfully climbed a tree!