The idea behind the Music curriculum at Fair Furlong is that it is highly experiential- based on the premise of actually playing music- but that it will also instill a lifelong love of music and serve a solid preparation for further musical studies.

We work closely Bristol plays music, and use many resources developed by them. The children receive weekly music lessons that focus on key musical skills such as pitch and tempo. The children are able to practice and further understand the skills they have learned through playing musical instruments as part of an ensemble, singing every day in assembly and composing our own music.

At Fair Furlong, we believe in the transformative power music can have in people’s lives. We seek to always give children real life experiences of music and to also give them a firm foundation in the basics of theory and notation. We hope that this grounding in a broad music curriculum will enable all children to enjoy and succeed in music and provide a firm foundation for those children who wish to further develop musical skills.