Games and activities

On this page will be a selection of games that can help you with an area of maths. Click on the title of the activity to have a go! Any solutions can be brought to school and we will publish them on the website!

KS1 Game of the week

Ring a Ring of Numbers (Nrich 2782)

Choose four of the numbers from this list: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to put in the squares below so that the difference between joined squares is odd.

Only one number is allowed in each square. You must use four different numbers.

What can you say about the sum of each pair of joined squares?

What must you do to make the difference even?

What do you notice about the sum of the pairs now?


The aim is to swap the frogs from one side to the other. They can do a short jump to the lily pad in front of them or they can jump over one frog (not two!).

For this problem you will have to work systematically and persevere to solve it.  Along the way you will notice patterns, try to test these patterns out with more frogs. Can you make a simple rule for anyone to solve the problem?

An explanation of the game can be found on the NRich website.

KS2 Game of the week

Train (Nrich 4349)

This is a game for two players. You need one Cuisenaire rod of each length between 1 (white) and 10 (orange), or you can just write down the numbers on a piece of paper.T


This is like Pelmanism (where you have to find pictures that match) but with multiplication facts.