Through engaging topics and experiences, the children are able to develop their understanding of the world around them. Their first experiences will be based upon the locality directly surrounding them including the school and local environment before moving more widely to other countries and continents, using atlases, books, websites and other sources of information. As the children progress in their knowledge and understanding, so they will progress in their skills.  They will be taught to interpret maps, gain an understanding of different cultures, develop an understanding of the different human and physical features and investigate and develop an awareness of environmental issues at a local and more global level.


At Fair Furlong Primary School, the children are given the skills to make sense of the world and the different time periods. During their first experiences, the children will be taught about differences between artefacts such as toys from the past and present and taught to sequence events and periods in time. As the children progress in their understanding, they will be taught the skills to investigate, ask questions, understand and make comparisons with aspects of life in the past as well as understanding where the period studied fits chronologically. They will be given the opportunity to look at different primary and secondary sources of evidence and assess their effectiveness and reliability in helping them to make conclusions about past life.