Our children especially enjoy our specific world days which are designated to the learning of geography from around the world. This incorporates cross-curricular learning from art, design and technology through to ICT and Science. The children love these practical days where they can fully immerse themselves in to a particular country where they can try local foods, create music originating from a country and even dress up.


We feel through the teaching of the seven continents children are able to make an in-depth comparison between what they know and how others live. The children have a wide-spread knowledge of the world outside of school, they are culturally aware and respectful of these cultures we have in our everyday society and further afield which is a value we in still with our children through our five school values.


Fair furlong has broad view of human history ranging from as far back as the pre-historic ages up to the present day. History is taught right from the beginning starting with nursery all through to year 6.


During KS1 the historical focus is based recognising differences in artefacts from the past and today and being able to sequence historical points in time. During KS2 children will look more in depth at times in history, discussing and interpreting how people lived in the past and creating their own opinions to compare with a life they know today.