Art and Design

Fair Furlong is dedicated to providing a broad, rich and creative art curriculum, which champions creativity both individually and collectively. We endeavour to ensure all children have the opportunity to become curious, inquisitive and inventive, whilst experiencing a variety of skills and techniques during their time in school. These may range from clay, textiles and paint to collage, weaving and printing across year groups which allow children to enhance and develop their skills.

As a school we run regular art competitions to engage pupils and facilitate a strong arts culture within our school, recognising the importance of expression of creativity wherever possible. Throughout the year, pupils will engage in stimulating art lessons, where teachers embark to emerge and motivate the children’s expression. The children will also have a range of opportunities to develop their understanding of skill and technique through visiting artists to the school or visiting exhibits locally.  We were lucky enough to have a visit from a local artist who created a mural with the children, depicting the classroom names and our yearly school theme.

As a school we enjoy celebrating local artists! Most recently we celebrated the work of the Bristol based artist Banksy, recreating one of his famous artworks using a range of different mediums.
As a school we enjoy celebrating local artists!