YEAR 5 : Pullman and Rauf

Term 1 

This term Year Five have been answering the Geography question, ‘How is Sumidero Canyon National Park different from Exmoor National Park?” In History we looked at the Maya and how they lived, building temples out of clay, making masks, exploring artefacts and looking at Maya stories in literacy.

In Writing lessons, we have written a number of text genres within the broad topic of the Maya including a setting description, a character description using dialogue and a piece of suspense writing, in the style of our key text, ‘The Rain Player’.

We have been working hard in Maths to extend our knowledge of decimals and place value.

In Science we have been looking into living things, such as plants and how they reproduce. We then looked at animals and their life cycles.

We rounded off the term with an exciting trip to Ashton Gate Stadium. We had a tour of the stadium, took part in some sporting activities and sat in the players changing rooms and discussed the importance of inclusion in sport.

Term 2

This term, Year Five have been investigating the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in order to answer the question, ‘Why were the Vikings more successful than the Anglo Saxons?’

In order to explore the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings we did a deep dive into researching their similarities and differences. We wrote Newspaper Reports about the Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings in literacy and compared how the different sides may have felt. We also planned and made a Viking stew using seasonal vegetables for DT.

In Math’s we have been working on money, negative numbers, column multiplication and finding the area of shapes.

In science we have been looking at forces. We have created simple levers, and performed experiments to identify the impact of gravity, water resistance and air resistance. We explored the effects of friction by using chop sticks to move a lump of jelly before and after coating it with oil.

During anti-bullying day we worked with the drama group Unique Voice. The theme was Make a Noise about Bullying.


Term 3

WOW Days -  We enjoyed 2 WOW days in Term 3.

At the beginning of the term we held Spanish Day to launch the introduction of our new Modern Foreign Language…Spanish.

The whole school dressed in red and yellow, the colours of the Spanish flag, and each year group looked at different aspects of Spanish life and culture. Year 5 and 6 looked at traditional Spanish food and had an enjoyable time sampling such delights as chorizo, serrano ham, pepperami, olives, tortillas, churros, tortilla chips, frittata, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, quinoa and manchego cheese.

At the end of Term 3 we celebrated Safer Internet Day. Our theme was Staying Safe when things Change. We thought about how some changes on line make us feel and who we could ask for help. We thought about what rules we could follow or what guidance we could give to help everyone stay safe online.

Term 4

This term, year five have been learning about ‘The Victorians’ answering the question: ‘Would I prefer life now or then?”

The children were fascinated and appalled to learn about how children were treated in Victorian times: how they were sent up chimneys and down Mines to work. We found out about how poor people were sent to the Workhouse and how awful their lives were there. Our Reading and Writing has also had Victorians as the focus.

Our Science Topic was Materials and their properties. We ran a series of Fair Tests to check for conductivity and solubility, amongst other things.

In Math’s we have been working on fractions. Working out fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions. We have also been working on squared, cubed and composite numbers.

Bristol Robins have been working with us for two terms on PSHE through sport trying to help us to be more resilient.

Term 5

This term, year five have been learning about ‘Separating Materials’ answering the question: ‘How do you clean dirty water?’

We enjoyed lots of practical lessons using sieving, filtering, evaporating and magnetism to separate a range of materials, including sugar and salt from a solution.

Our DT Topic was Gears and Pulleys. First, we learned about how levers, gears and pulleys work. Then we went on to design and build our own machines which operated one of these devices.

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