YEAR 2 : Ellington and Tallis

Term 1

All our learning has been around animals and habitats. We have written about a wombat’s day, an adventure story and advertising for a new habitat. Our topic has looked at exploring the question ‘Would a tiger be able to live on our school field?’. To answer this we looked at animal habitats, micro-habitats and the food chain. In maths, we have learnt all about place value and the composition of numbers. In PE we created beautiful dances and in RE we have discussed what Jesus teaches people about kindness.

Term 2

All our learning has been around the world and our big question – What colour is our world? We looked at the oceans, continents, United Kingdom and features. We used The Big Book of Blue and Piglet Squid’s ocean adventure to inspire our writing. In maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting through the ten with numbers up to 100. We’ve also been practicing counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Ask us to chant them to you! We have also became experts at taking photographs in computing.

Term 3 

All our learning has been around how animals stay healthy, answering our question – What keeps animals, including humans, going? We recapped what animals need to survive then moved onto nutrition, exercise and hygiene.

In literacy, we wrote our own ‘Little Red’ traditional tales and wrote a recount of our trip to The Wild Place.

In maths, we have been working hard on learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We ended the term with a day focused around being safe online and also learned to cook!

We have introduced Year 2 to Times Table Rockstars this term, which will support them in learning their times tables but please still encourage them to use Numbots too!

Children also learned to predict outcomes in computing using BeeBots.

Term 4

This term, we have enjoyed exploring and comparing the cities of Bristol and Mumbai. Our key question was: Would living in India be the same as living in Bristol? We have compared the physical features of these places, learning some great new geographical vocabulary and using aerial pictures and Google Earth to help our research.  We also looked closely at landmarks and human features in Bristol, describing the location of these places using compass directions.

In maths, we have introduced division. We also had a problem solving day which helped the children with their resilience!

In computing, we have looked at data and in art, we practised different drawing techniques.

Term 5

Our learning has quite literally taken off this term as we have been on an incredible journey exploring the question: How did Bristol fill the sky?  We have learnt about significant events in Bristol by looking at the building of Concorde, the Bristol Boxkite and hot air balloons. This was all supported by our great trip to Bristol Aerospace.

We enjoyed some super experiments launching balloon rockets and making paper airplanes. Through all of this, the children wrote really creative stories inspired by the Great Balloon Hullaballo and then had a go at writing a variety of texts.

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