Welcome to Explorers and Creators classes

On this page you will find links and videos to help you, play, learn and have fun at home. We hope you enjoy them! Don't forget we love finding out what you have been doing at home so please email us at nursery2031@fairfurlong.bristol.sch.uk.
Keep your eye out for our home learning tasks which are fun little challenges for you to complete together at home. Don't forget to sing lots, share stories together and most of all have fun playing together at home!
Mrs Britton and Miss Durbin and the Nursery Team 
Nursery rhymes:
Being active:
Numbers and counting:
Sharing stories

Term 1 

We have had a wonderful start to our year in the Nursery! We have settled in really well, made new friends, learnt to follow new routines and had so much fun learning through play. We have all explored the classroom and outdoor areas, creating games, investigating resources, building, cooking, making and enjoying!

We have been looking for signs of autumn, collecting leaves, painting leaves and spider web spotting. We have enjoyed singing along to lots of new songs such as Bread and Butter, Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow, learning actions and Makaton signs. What a super first term Nursery!

Term 2 Overview

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