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On this page you will find links and videos to help you, play, learn and have fun at home. We hope you enjoy them! Don't forget we love finding out what you have been doing at home so please email us at nursery2030@fairfurlong.bristol.sch.uk.
Keep your eye out for our home learning tasks which are fun little challenges for you to complete together at home. Don't forget to sing lots, share stories together and most of all have fun playing together at home!
Mrs Britton and Miss Durbin and the Nursery Team 
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Sharing stories

Term 1
We have had a wonderful start to our year in the Nursery! We have settled in really well, made new friends, learnt to follow new routines and had so much fun learning through play. We have all explored the classroom and outdoor areas, creating games and investigating resources.

We have been looking for signs of autumn, collecting leaves, painting leaves and spider web spotting. We have enjoyed singing along to lots of new songs such as Bread and Butter, Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow, learning actions and Makaton signs. What a super first term Nursery!

Term 3 

What fun we have had in Nursery this term! We have been learning all about farm animals and wild animals too. We loved watching closely as our chicken eggs hatched and the chicks grew. We held them carefully, learnt how to feed them and how to keep their box clean. We identified which were male and female. We enjoyed retelling our story Dear Zoo using Makaton and expression in our voices. We have loved investigating the forest a bit more and have enjoyed playing with the ice outside, scrapping ice with our sleeves, making ice cups and blowing dragon’s breath. We have also spent time thinking about how to stay safe when we are online remembering to tell an adult if we see something we do not like.

Term 5

What busy bugs we have been this term! We loved learning all about a wide range of minibeasts and searching carefully to find some in the forest and the Early Years Garden. We read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and enjoyed tasting many of the fruits from the book. We have loved retelling the story with lots of different props. We had so much fun at our super ‘Bug Ball’ dressing up together, cooking, dancing and playing games!

At the beginning of term we enjoyed celebrating the King’s coronation we dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate. We made crowns and streamers and enjoyed eating a picnic outdoors! In the last week of term we enjoyed learning all about Banksy, we learnt all about his work and even had a go at creating our own! We loved spraying and splatting with paint!

We also had a really special visitor this term, a tortoise came to say hello!

Term 2

What a busy term in Nursery! Term 2 has been full of playing, exploring and learning, it has been lots of fun! We have been investigating colour, learning the Makaton signs for each colour, mixing colours and investigating shadows. The colour monster has been a fabulous story to explore, thinking about how colours help us with our feelings. We had a rainbow day and wore our favourite colour. We have also enjoyed learning about different shapes, making shadows with them too! At Christmas time we have enjoyed learning some new Christmas songs, decorating our tree together and making Christmas treats.




Term 4
The Nursery team dressed as Numberblocks to celebrate our Marvellous Maths day this week! 

Well what a busy term in Nursery, we have all grown so much and become so much more confident! We have been learning all about the different ways we move around the world, we found out about cars and ramps, bikes and boats and even planes and helicopters.

We have seen lots of different weathers this term, lots of rain, some snow and now a little bit of sunshine. As the weather has been changing and getting a little bit warmer we have been investigating in the forest, planting seeds and seedlings. We have been searching for signs of spring, digging and looking for bugs too. We have been climbing trees and looking for nests in the trees, we have been watching the trees bud with new shoots and buds.







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