TO Fair Furlong Primary School

Family Link Worker

Louise Charlton and Alis Cooper are Fair Furlong's Family Link Workers. They are here to link with families to support with any worries or issues parents/ carers or pupils may have.

Our Family Link workers can work with you on things like;

  • Support in encouraging positive behaviour,
  • Target any worries you have,
  • Support families who are experiencing/ concerned about others suffering from domestic abuse ,
  • Link with the Inclusion lead,
  • Fill in forms,
  • Help with friendships in school,
  • Or when you feel like things just aren’t quite going the right way.

Their door is always open. They are based in Caraway room, 8am – 4pm, where you can have a confidential chat.

You can contact Louise Charlton and Alis Cooper via the Fair Furlong Primary School Facebook group, by calling 01173772181, sending a text 07722174828, or an email fairfurlongp@bristol-schools.uk (‘for the attention of Family Link Worker’).


Advice and support please click on the blue writing for website link.


First Response – Are you a parent who needs support with a difficult issue, from your child’s behaviour to a problem related to domestic violence? Are you a young person who needs to talk to someone about things that are worrying you?


Child Line – You can go here to play games, have a go at their activities, talk to someone about some of your problems you can't sort out yourself.


NSPCC - Keeping children safe from abuse. 


Fitness and health


Alive 'N' Kicking - Children’s lifestyle weight management service 


Food- a fact for life – This is a website where you can find out all about healthy living. It provides some good ideas of what to include in a lunch box


Change 4 life – Ideas of how to make your family life a little more healthy.


Healthy Teeth – How to keep your teeth healthy.  


ERIC - ERIC can give advice and support if your child is suffering with bowel or bladder difficulties. 


Drugs and Alcohol


Hawkspring – To support with drug and alcohol recovery.


Smoke Free Bristol - Are you ready to quit? Support to stop is how they can help.


BDP (Bristol Drugs Project) – Support around drug and alcohol addition, for you or someone close to you


Domestic Abuse


BAVA (Bristol Against Violence and Abuse) – Information on different forms of violence and abuse (e.g physical violence from

a partner or relation, sexual abuse, female genital mutilation). There is also information on how to help others and how to

raise awareness of violence and abuse.


Next link - Support service for women's mental health and for victims of domestic abuse, rape and sexual abuse 


Mental Health and Emotional-Welling

Kooth - Free online service that offers emotional and mental health support for children and young people aged 11-25. 


Off the Record - Free and confidential mental health support and information for young people aged 11-25. 


Mind Ed - MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults.




Cruse Bereavement – Cruse Bereavement Care is there to support you after the death of someone close.


Winston's Wish - Support and advice for bereaved children. 


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Supportive Parents - Support for parents, children and young people about SEND


Findability - Information for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, and their families.


Hate Crime - Help and Support

Below are links to organisations who offer help and support for Hate Crime victims






Educate against Hate

This website gives parents practical advice and information on protecting children against radicalisation and extremism








We have Facebook group – 'Fair Furlong Primary School'.

You can use the group to contact us as well as text, telephone and e-mail. 


You are able to send us a message to the group – where it will not be publicly viewed. 

You can use this as a means of telling us if your child/children

are poorly, changing contact details or to confidentially contact our

Family Link team.