Term 6

Year 1 - We started off term six with a world day. Jerusalem learnt all about Italy and made pizza. Liberty class learnt all about Japan and made sushi. Our topic for the rest of the term has been the seaside. We learnt all about a special place called the Galapagos Islands. We compared the seaside at the islands to the seaside at Weston super mare. To help us we went on an exciting trip to Weston beach and went to the grand pier. We had a super time building sand castles and we even visited the pier. Well done to Liberty and Jerusalem class for making this year so fantastic!  


Reception - During our final term in reception we have continued to have lots of fun learning our phonics and numbers. We have been learning to write and read lots of sentences!

We went outside to search minibeast homes – we found wriggly worms, slimy slugs and tickly woodlice.

We have had great fun thinking about healthy foods and making a fruit salad, doubling and halving numbers and making shadows of all different shapes and sizes!

We have had a super time and are very ready for Year One!


Nursery - We practised for sports day during the term, to make sure we were as fast as we could be on the day! We had great fun running as fast as lightning, and loved seeing our parents there supporting us!

At the start of the term, we used balance scales and different objects to investigate weight. We found objects that were heavy and ones that were light. 

In the middle of the term we went to Weston Super Mare. We had a great day of having sand castle competitions, eating ice creams and playing in the park! When we came back, we talked about our trip and what our favourite part was. 

Term 5

Year 1- At the beginning of term 5 we had a Maths, science and DT week. We had a visit from the Fizz pop scientists. They taught us all about rockets, we loved this! Over the week our challenge was to make a boat. We investigated the materials that floated and used our results to choose the best ones.

Our topic for term 5 was houses and homes. We looked back at homes from the past and the objects they used in the home. We had lots of fun guessing what they were used for. We then looked at how houses have changed today. On our trip to @Bristol we had a workshop all about the materials used to build a house. After we got to play on the big built it house and build walls and even knock them down after. We had a lot of fun. 

Reception - Term 5 in Reception has been a busy term, we had a fantastic time in maths, science and DT week. We made mouse rockets, kites, parachutes and even had a go at flying them. WE have got the saws out this term and have designed and made tipees and mud huts.

Nursery - Over term 5, we learnt the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We had great fun putting actions to our story, and when using the castle and storytelling props to help tell our story.

In our first week back, we were very lucky to have Fizz Pop Science in to teach us all about rockets and things that fly! We had a go at blasting a rocket into the air, and to see who could get it the highest!

We had a go at growing our very own plants. We had a think about what would be the best plant, and decided to grow sunflowers! Each group planted their own sunflower, and we are waiting for them to flower. To learn all about growth and new life, we went to Ashton Court on our weekly trip. We looked in the trees, grass and mud for living thing and their homes. Finally we found some tadpoles in the pond!  

Term 4 

Term 4 has been a busy term in Reception, we have been learning all about new life in spring. We have grown our own sunflowers, looked at where our food comes from and even visited a farm to see all the baby animals.

During Term 4 the Nursery children had some Living Eggs come to stay with them. They watched them hatch and grew into little chicks! They were very noisy, and felt really soft.  The children also visited Gatcombe Farm. When they were there, they saw donkeys, ducks, and an ostrich! 

It was Book Week this term, and we learnt all about the story ‘Shark In The Park’. We wanted to be the shark, so we made our own puppets and had great fun scaring everyone in Nursery. 


Term 3 - In Year 1 our topic in science this term has been senses. We have explored all of the five senses and carried out lots of exciting experiments! We have tasted different jellybeans and used our sense of touch to think about different textures. We even got to smell some different scent in smelly pots. Some smells were nice but some were disgusting!

In art we have been working on drawing portraits. We created some great portrait drawings as well as experimenting with Picasso style portraits.

In literacy we read a story called lost and found. We loved acting out the story, with some children pretending to be the penguin and some pretending to be the boy.  

In Reception - we have had a fun term in Reception learning all about our busy bodies. We found out about our senses and experimented with them.  We have had a great time visiting the library and reading lots of new books.

Nursery - In term 3 we enjoyed learning all about our busy bodies, finding out how they moves and worked.  We tested our senses by exploring lots of different smells, tastes and noises. Most of us tried all the different fruit, and then made pictures with them. In our play we became fingerprint investigators, looking closely through magnifying glasses to see the different marks our fingerprints made

Term 2 - In Year 1 we started off our pirate topic with a pirate treasure hunt.  We followed clues around the school and had to use good adjectives to describe objects we found to earn the next clue.  During our pirate topic we did lots of exciting things.  We had to follow pirate instructions to make fruit kebabs and shiny cutlasses.  We then became bossy pirates ourselves and wrote a set of instructions for how to make horrible soup to trick the mean black beard.  As well as this we have enjoyed our music and science lessons.  We have investigated lots of sounds and instruments this term and even wrote our own musical score.

In Reception we have had lots of fun learning out phonics and numbers. We have even been learning how to add and take away! We followed instructions and made yummy shark sandwiches. We had great fun learning about and becoming pirates! We had to follow a trail of clues in order to find the buried treasure.

When we were playing out in our Nursery Garden, we were getting blown away. So we made our own streamers to find out which way the wind was going.

In the lead up to Christmas, Nursery have been busy making all sorts of Christmassy things. We really enjoyed making our salt dough decorations; we concentrated really hard when measuring the ingredients.

We have been busy learning about The Christmas Story. We had fun talking about, and acting out the story with our wooden scene.

Term 1 - 

What a wonderful start we have had in Year 1. This term our topic has been all about the History of transport. We learnt about the changes over the years to all the different kinds of transport. We loved learning about the first train built and had an exciting trip to Bitten railway station to learn more about it. As well as looking at the history of trains we also looked at the science behind movement, investigating pushes, pulls and gravity. We invented our own cars and tested how far they could travel.  We had lots of fun in term 1 and look forward the rest of our exciting year.

In Reception we also had a great start to the year. We have been learning all about different types of transport and went on an exciting trip to Bitton Railway Station. We got our tickets from the ticket office and had them checked on our train journey. We looked very closely at a car to find out what it’s made of and how it works. We had great fun learning all about harvest and even made our own bread rolls which were yummy! We have also been working really hard learning with numbers up to 20, we have even been learning about more and less.

In Nursery we have been getting to know each other and learning all about transport. We have spent a lot of time exploring our new nursery environment and all of the exciting activities, in particular getting creative and using our imagination! During the term we helped to make a car wash for our outside classroom. We used old boxes and material, and became expert car cleaners. 


Term 4, 5 and 6

Year 1 - During these terms we learnt about lots of interesting topics including

  • Discovering India
  • We innovated the cultural tale 'How the tortoise got his shell'
  • We visited the River of Life Church
  • Enjoyed a fantastic book week. Jellyfish class carried out lots of lovely work on ‘Traction man is here’ and Lobster class looked at ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’ books. We had great fun dressing up as superheroes and had a lovely bedtime story session in the evening. 
  • Learnt about Space and the History of Space
  • Learnt about Minibeasts and made mini beast hotels

In Reception we ...

  • Learnt about Africa
  • Read the story of Super Worm and Aliens in Underpants save the World’
  • In maths we learnt to share equally, double and halve numbers, recognising coins and improving our adding and subtracting
  • Learnt about Minibeasts

In Nursery we shared and learnt many things including ...

  • Had some very special visitors - the chicks! We watched them hatch from their eggs and then made sure we looked after them 
  • Learnt the story of ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. We drew the two thieves from the story and crept around the playground pretending we were the thieves
  • Visited Bristol Zoo
  • Learnt about space
  • Shared the  story ‘The Three Little Aliens and The Big Bad Robot’
  • Learnt about Minibeasts